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Peter's Hill, Shankill

Clear Pharmacies
Cost: 5m

This scheme seeks to restore the vitality of a once well renowned bustling locality, which to a degree has been sadly lost with the passing of years. The three medical practices together with the pharmacy will form the anchor for the development, providing a quality landmark building, while maintaining a strong visual link and physical connection with the existing retail hub.

Phase One has started on-site and is running well.

Extending from this will be a variety of commercial opportunities at street level, drawing shoppers further down the Shankill, injecting life into an area currently devoid of character.

Residential accommodation above these units will not only provide quality, affordable homes but maintain a frontage to the entire site, while giving the desired height and dominance expected for one of the cities arterial routes. A landscaped deck behind these facades, projecting from first floor level, ensures a secluded amenity space as well as a pleasant outlook for all residences.